Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Strong City AT&SF Depot

A brick depot built in 1913.  The city received a Transportation Enhancement Grant for restoration of this depot.  Construction is began in May 2014.  The tile roof has been completed, plumbing and electrical are in progress.  This project was completed in June 2015.

Z-Bar Ranch
The 1881 Z-Bar Ranch (also know as the Spring Hill Ranch) is located just 2 miles north of Strong City, Known as the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve.  The ranch, with a wonderful stone house and famous outhouse and barn, has 11,000 never-ploughed acres of prairie that form the heart of the prairie park.  The National Park Trust operates the property.  

Chase County Courthouse
In Cottonwood Falls, about a mile from Strong City, this stately building of native limestone and walnut is the oldest courthouse in Kansas.  It replaced the first log cabin courthouse in 1873.  Tours are available.

Roniger Museum  
Located in Cottonwood Falls, this native limestone building was built to house the Roniger collection of Indian artifacts and other Chase County historical articles.  The Roniger Brothers' collection or arrowheads is considered one of the largest individual collections in Kansas.

Knute Rockne Memorial
Located 11 miles south of Strong City is the exact site of the fatal airplane crash that took the life of Notre Dame football coach, Knute Rockne, in March 1931.​